Saturday, June 3, 2017

I was graduated from STMIK Amikom Yogyakarta at 2011. It was very long ago. And today... i come to my campus. It is very different than was. Now It is many building and larger.

You know... i am missguide into campus. Actually i am very shy. Because security was know i am not student from Amikom.

Ohya... Amikom is changes much. And now.. it is not STMIK Amikom, but Amikom University. So Awesome. I am very proud it.

Today... i feel so old. Yes... altough my face did not sign it, but my age is very far away for them. i should have a children or family... agh... why i tell it. Hahahaaa

In here i want to tell that Amikom Is not STMIK AMIKOM... but AMIKOM UNIVERSITY

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