Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Yesterday is my first class at english course in ntc. I went to Yogyakarta last week.

Ohya.. i have a new friend room. I stay in ntc's dorm. I call my friend is Neng. She is from Tasikmalaya. And she is a student university from UIN.

My First class was very fun. I feel is like a student university. Hmm sorry if my english is bad.

You know... i was oldest in my class. My classmates is very young. Most of them graduated from high school. And I have new teacher. One of them is younger than me... oh.. she was clever. And she just graduated from university in Gunadharma. She's Major is English Departement.

So... yesterday.. i meet new people and it make me happy. I have new friend, and studied english.

Thanks God.. you give me chance for met new people in my life.

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